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M y last blog was about food and this one’s about coffee… I gave up coffee, tea and all related caffeine products in mid 2016. It was hard going at first with headaches and mood swings, but I kept going and here I am in early 2018 still caffeine-free!

I still love the smell of coffee and for all you coffee lovers out there here are some top tips… there are several reasons that a coffee could be beneficial, or even a hindrance, to your cycling progress.

  1. Can increase performance – It’s been scientifically proven that caffeine can boost performance in athletes. This applies to those who consume little or no caffeine to people who consume at least two cups a day. For those seeking that energetic edge over their competition, a coffee could be just the ticket. It’s thought that performance can be improved by 3-5%, however, training improves performance by upwards of 50% – so prioritise!

2. Energy boost – Beyond the performance aspect, coffee can make you feel sharper and more alert, which can be of great benefit in a sport such as cycling. Especially when you might be feeling a bit groggy in the morning, a cup of coffee can set you up for the ride ahead.

3.Excuse for a break – Let’s not forget that it can get pretty tiring out on that bike. A short break can give the legs some much-needed respite, as well as give you the chance to have a proper chinwag with your ride companions. This is also great when out on a new route, it gives you a chance to stop off in a different place and maybe take in some scenery. By doing a bit of research on where your next ride is taking place, you can find some fantastic hidden gems for a mid-cycle refreshment.

Coffee and Cycling

For me, I decided to concentrate on improving my training and overall eating habits rather than relying on a quick hit of coffee but, ultimately, you know what works best for you. If you enjoy drinking it on your rides, then have one. The whole reason we like cycling is because it’s a good crack, and sociable too. If you feel you gain something above and beyond enjoyment that’s a bonus!

Sue Karran

Director at Manan/Milkshake Dental Marketing

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